Rafael has been studying all things spiritual since the urge to discover truth arose from within his heart at the tender age of 9. After formally studying Zen Buddhism he continued his spiritual studies under various schools and lineages of Buddhism and Hinduism.

After a powerful and transformative experience in Japan, Rafael began to share what he has learned with others to help empower them to realize that they themselves are the only ones who have the power to shape their own lives. No one else will do that job for you.

Rafael's approach to tarot readings is of the nature that he does not feel that "predictions" and "future based" readings are the main focus. Those do come through, however the main focus will always be person centered. It is about how the person getting the reading can use that information and use it to take control over their life and make the necessary changes to bring it to where they want it to be. The transformation and healing can only truly come from within one's soul, and that is how Rafael focuses his readings. He reminds people that they have the power to not only heal themselves, but to shape out their lives according to their will as long as they believe and trust in that power.


Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotions

               Rafael Ruiz

Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Reader

Areas covered include:

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Sessions are done face-to-face or Skype to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact me for any personal queries